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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Unreasonable Expectations

I showed the last post to my son and asked if he liked it. He said:
"Uh. Will you draw Castle in the Sky now?"
"All of it?"
"Yes, all of it. Will you?"

No. The answer is no.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Future Expires Us

I was hired last year to work on a mural for the new offices of an Atlanta design/advertising studio. The title and theme of the project was "The Future Inspires Us", their corporate motto. After several rounds of preliminaries the project got the kibosh, because of changes in the managerial structure at the firm. Basically the person who took over had no interest in executing some other dude's project.

So it goes…

But I was revisiting the sketches today and thought they were worth posting online. So here they are.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Local art issues

A friend of mine gave me a heads up that I was referenced in this week's Creative Loafing online. 

It looks like they used a pic of me working on my mural from last year's Living Walls Conference to illustrate a post about art issues in the city. Check it out. If you live in Atlanta and care about art this article will be of particular interest to you as there is a proposal on the table to require private residences and businesses to vet planned art through the city. If it went through it would mean if you wanted to paint a mural on your house or put a sculpture in your yard you would have to clear it with your neighborhood groups, city officials and City Council first. 

From my perspective this is absurd and an infringement on our constitutional right to freedom of speech, in the name of potentially avoiding the possibility of offending someone in the future. 

We'll see what happens.  

And since you need something to look at, here is the birthday card I made for my niece this year. Gangsta Monkey in Paradise:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Was Fred's evergreen roll spiked by Basho?
Basho would deny it. 

A page from the upcoming cosmicomedy Severed Limbs. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Process progress

A few process shots from my ongoing revisions of Severed Limbs. Fred gets a rude awakening.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Deserts of Muldune

Blazing through the deserts of Muldune.
Blazing orange and candy purple skies. 
Burnished orange and charcoal purple lands. 
Smell of sun charred alien skeletons. 
Aroma of wilted wild cactus flower. 
Scent of tri-racer fuel and stirred desert silt. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Seasons change

Well, it seems eons have passed since my last post. Empires have risen and fallen. Generations have come and gone. Blogs are no longer hip. Oh… wait, that was already the case when I started blogging. 

There has been much to blog about since my last post, but I am finding raising a child and trying to also continue one's life to be quite the acrobatic challenge. I have a couple of big projects finished in the last few months, and several more in the works, but any time I have to sit at a computer and write about it is time I would rather be spending at the drawing board. So, it finally occurred to me to download blogger for my mobile device. There is a much higher likelihood of posting while waiting for food at a restaurant or whatever, than being in my studio right next to my beckoning drafting table. 

Anyway, here are some recent sketches. I am in the gestation phases of my next big project after my upcoming book, Severed Limbs (should be done in the next few months!). These sketches are some ideas for that.