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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Unholy Marriage

Thursday City’s patron goddess, Obergin Smythe, doesn’t seem too excited about the situation she finds herself in. In order to save her beloved city (deservedly or not) she has submitted to being wed to Paul Slimey McSlymebøllson the Wizard of the Northern Nations. Paul is the board-elected president of SAMMS Club (Scandinavian Alligator Milk Manufacturers Syndicate... uh, Club).

When the Thursday City producers began exporting so much alligator milk that the world market was flooded SAMMS Club petitioned the United Nations to have America reinforce the production quota on the Thursday City conglomerates. Upon successful petition SAMMS Club drastically lowered the already asphyxiating quotas. After years of being yoked to this production quota the Thursday City producers, except the Kremes, revolted. The revolt was put down by SAMMS Club with the help of the American National Guard. As part of the reconciliation compact the Thursday City producers were allowed to return to slightly more than the pre-conflict quotas, and the organizations’ bond was to be strengthened by marriage. Ergo: Obergin Smythe McSlymebøllson.

The wedding is presided over by Uncle Tim and Padre S.

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.seth .n .s said...

i like the effect of working pencil into this drawing. a surprise. it adds an unexpected element.