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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Assistant TO the regional manager

Well, the Gooch often comes over to my side while I am working and stares at me for minutes on end. We finally discussed the issue and it turns out he has been asking for a promotion. So I gave him a new chair and a title. The new working situation seems to be going quite well so far. He hasn’t got his own office yet, but office morale has noticeably lifted.


Anonymous said...

yay WOO WHO! cheers—to the gooch!

Jordan said...

Sounds like more work for the same pay, but I bet the title looks great on his CV. Not as good as Assistant Regional Manager, but it's pretty close.

andrei said...

Nailgun sends his congratulations.

a t o n e m e n t said...

whoa the gooch bares a striking resemblence to the henri-ers. nuts!