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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The writer who never wrote

A writer was waiting for a story. He waited and waited. While he waited he contemplated how much he despised waiting around. After a while a story walked up. The man was so excited. He began thinking about how he would tell the story. He couldn’t decide. There were so many good ways to tell it. While trying to decide he contemplated how difficult it was to have to decide. Why couldn't he just be inspired? So he waited for inspiration. While he waited he contemplated how much more infuriatingly frustrating it was to wait while indecisive and uninspired than it was to wait for a story. Waiting with something to lose is always worse than waiting with nothing to lose. After an intolerable span inspiration peeked out from behind the corner. Finally! Inspiration had arrived. The man turned around hastily to handle introductions. He was eager to get started. But the story was gone. Now he had inspiration but no story. He threw up his hands in desperation. "You see now?! This is why I never write."

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Stephens Family Zoo said...

I feel this often and find myself frustrated for any number of reasons.. enjoyed the read :)