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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I don‘t know if anyone actually read the post “Bug eyed”, but it is not true that the Yankees engineered a draft for more home runs. Apparently they just shortened certain parts of the outfield and adjusted fence angles. Whatever they did it is definitely the case that fly balls in other stadiums are home runs in Yankee Stadium. I just bought into the idea of the breezeway because it sounds like such a Yankee thing to do. I still deep down want to believe it.

Because it sounds like such a Yankee thing to do.

Pops, I know you’re a fan, but I just can’t like those dirty Yankees.

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Piktor Turic Oolong said...

I loved the idea of engineering a draft to generate more home runs. it would have been a techno-engineering feat of genius that I'm very disappointed to find out does not exist.