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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I was watching the Bulldogs on my DVR at 5am Sunday when a horn started honking incessantly. This is Red Hook so I ignored it for a minute or two. Then I heard a boom or maybe a pow. I looked out the window and saw smoke billowing up from across the street. I ran down stairs and called 911 as I saw this truck blazing. While on the phone I realized I should go back for my camera. I ran back upstairs and then filmed this, go to Vimeo or Youtube for the video. Larger on Vimeo. Optimized for iPhone users on Youtube.

I will of course be using this in some form for an authorial video, so for now watch it as documentary and later pretend you never saw it.


Piktor Turic Oolong said...

i like how they just watch it burn for a few minutes.

Joshua Ray Stephens said...

Ha! They were actually watching while the designated guys unrolled the hose and attached it to the fire hydrant.

l. nichols said...

OH! I was wondering what the hell happened to that truck. I just remember coming home Sunday afternoon and being like what the hell. I'm surprised I didn't hear the boom. I also kept meaning to get a picture of it all burned out but never did. It was pretty incredible.