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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nearing the end of “Severed Limbs”

Well, it suddenly occurred to me. I am near the end of my second book, “Severed Limbs”. The first draft at least. I have been working on it, more and less, for the past three years already. There have been many other, less ambitious, projects in between, but I started it before I had quite finished “The Moth or the Flame”. So, to be this close is quite exciting for me.

I have one more scene to complete on the first draft. And then, by my calculations, a few months of revisions. Hopefully the book will be complete and looking for publication by early next year. But, unless something catastrophic occurs, it definitely will be ready by next Spring.

Here is the final page of the next to final scene. Some of Fred’s encounters are reverberating through his mind, while he is also worried he may have made a drastic mistake in his course of action.

(This page has already been slightly revised. I scanned in an earlier version just to get a sense of what it would look like fully inked and that is what you are seeing.)


Piktor Turic Oolong said...

this is exciting news!

Rob said...

We gotta go to the South to get a copy from your sweaty hands?

Rob said...

We gotta go to the South to get a copy direct from your sweaty paws or are you book-touring it?

Joshua Ray Stephens said...

Ha. Nope we just got this new thing down here called a “post office.” It’s really neat. It is a government funded project which takes letters and packages long distances and delivers them to the designated receiver. Of course it costs money, but surprisingly little considering how far they will take things. It’s awesome!