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Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Boggy Swamp of Swampy Bogginess

The sun goes down. The lightning strikes. But the task remains. Navigating the dreaded Boggy Swamp of Swampy Bogginess requires all the strength, courage, vitality, and vigilance one can muster. And even at peak condition one still needs luck and eudaimonia (good graces) to make it through alive. And even then the reward is death. But we would rather die having lived than live half-dead.

The murky landscape is constantly shifting. A boon one moment becomes an albatross the next. A solid foundation dissolves into a bottomless pit. A beautiful woman is deadly, and a poisonous snake is a friend. One must be light on one’s toes. Dancing like Baryshnikov across pitfall and booby trap with ease, grace, and elegance. Don’t forget to bask in the horrifyingly beautiful surroundings, just don’t succumb to their whispered words of seduction, i.e. destruction.

Percy Hemlock negotiates the Boggy Swamp of Swampy Bogginess atop Gingerboy the Nimble Lion-ape, while scratching his cohort Wesley Junecheeks on the noggin.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. JEE-ho-SO-phat,

Enough with the heraldry, regalia and stürm and drang. What, this time our protagonist is a primordial "beastmaster?" It's not enough for you to desire a return to a feudal system (see my last post)? Now you lust for dominion over the beasts of the field... your blood lust knows no bounds.


Mr. Beaverson

(no vagina jokes please)

Anonymous said...

But with a boon comes an albatross. With a beautiful woman comes a poisonous snake. Man cannot have one without the other. With life comes death- then it is over, the moment is gone, the negotiation is over-forever. Your negotiation is what's half-dead, your negotiation is your only booby trap. (well, maybe not the only booby trap).
With silence comes regret.