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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A question to ponder


Anonymous said...

"treat others as you would like to be treated"


radically radical said...

Perhaps this question is suggesting that the underlying statement of the "Golden Rule" is a maliciously innocent disguise for "He who makes the rules (ultimately) gets the gold."

In other words whoever created this principle was intelligent and corrupt enough to 'nefariously' create a prosperous and advantageous seemingly sounding rule (so utterly manipulating) that no one in their simpleminded mind, a.k.a the general population, would EVER have the courage or nerve to question. The word 'golden,' is, if you will, a precious word that carries intrinsic implications. A powerfully precious word indeed, at least in my simpleminded mind it is!

Perhaps the question we should really be asking is why, out of ALL the rules is this one the most precious? Is this really the rule that sums up all other rules? Or could this be THE aggrandizing phrase, so profoundly simple—yet all-encompassing enough—to ensure that the rich, forever stay rich and continue this corrupt cycle of controlling the masses.

After all he who holds the gold makes the rules. And since when does a ruler become a ruler by treating everyone the same way they the ruler wants to be treated? Certainly not in our (gluttonously) greedy arrogantly capitalist culture they don't.

On the other hand, if we believe that the golden rule was not a rule 'nefariously' created but is really some divine principle—ensuring that the people who follow this golden rule, (with well-intentions or even simply out of ignorant fear of spending eternal life burning in the perpetual wraths of hell), if not gain financially in this material world shall perhaps prosper in more intangibly profound ways.