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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Latin based language has poetry and romance. Greek has philosophy and epic. What does Germanic have? Guts and gloom. Nothing beats us Germanic based languages for guts and gloom. Viscera is a nice word and all, but does it say insides like guts. Does it? Ennui is a wonderful word that captures an epidemic psychosis perfectly well, but nothing hits the immediacy of the feeling like boredom. Ahh... boredom the land of the bore; what a horribly boring place to be. Zeus sounds really powerful and gloomy, but God, God sounds ALL powerful and gloomy. Lucifer sounds like a smooth and silky villain, but Grendel sounds like he will rip you limb from limb and grind your guts with his grimy grill. And what says doom better than doom? It just sounds so final, so inevitable. Other languages have poetry, and philosophy, and romance, and love, but by my hands you shall meet your doom!


Jordan said...


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm....Do you just write for the sake of saying you are a writer? Ienvitability?? Whats the point? Take some time, gather your thoughts, and then attempt to write a piece that people may actually want to read. You owe me 1 min of life,that i just wasted reading this

andrei said...

That is some banging dimensionality.

(and to "anonymous," you seem to be missing the point of the writing)

Anonymous said...


He couldnt tell if he liked it or not until the end...

what a bonehead reader..

It took me 10 secs to read that...jeeez I would be pissed too if I was an adult and had a 3rd grade reading ability.

vee said...

WOW! I personally LOVED the writing, and if I were the writer I would rather have someone absolutely HATE it then not have any feelings at all. A bad crit is just as good as a good crit. If people always looked at my work and said "good!" "great!" "love it!" I might puke. It's not that I don't want to hear that my work is great (because it is) but I would rather hear the truth. So whoever gets pissed at the truth is a "bonehead". P.S. nice choice of words for someone who doesn't have a 3rd grade reading level!!! Vanessa