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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Requiem for Peach Muddy

Peach Muddy (b. October 13, 1936-d. December 7, 2007) was one of the most revered actors, not just of his generation but of all time, in Thursday City. His portrayal of Consuelo in Gabriel Contortia-Majorca’s “Tome cada pequeño pedazo de mi corazón” (Take every little piece of my heart) is still so legendary as to evoke hushed silence amongst the literati and the Masses alike. Though his public life and his private philosophies were the source of much controversy in his day, his stage life was never questioned and has ultimately vindicated and redeemed his historical persona. One of Peach’s many famously controversial quotes was “Give me a pound of cocaine, a lighter, a spoon, 3 beefy women, and a 600 pound hog and I will give you the best 3 hours of your life.” There is still argument to this day about whether this was some kind of veiled cultural critique, or a sophisticated allegory, or just an honest comment on his predilections. Regardless of what the final meaning of Peach’s life and philosophies amounts to we will always remember him with love and affection—for on the stage he showed us what we were, what we are, and what we could be in ways that no other could match. We will miss you Peach Muddy.


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Riddle Writer, riddle writer! Well it took me to about dawn to rearrange this riddle written in this world that had to be fictionalized, but i still don't totally understand! RIP Peach Muddy