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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Smile brazen monster

I discovered this image by stumbling over a dead rat. I was in my attic searching through old boxes of toys and books. Apparently either the cats had killed it, or it had just crawled into my domain to die a dignified death amongst stacks of great works of western literature and MUSCLES (a delightful little collection of Japanese toys from the 80s, if you didn’t know). Regardless of how it got there, in the dim lighting I didn’t see it and suddenly found myself cheek down on the floor. This was a fortuitous occurrence as I was peering through an accidental tunnel between boxes at a discarded sheet of paper. I reached in and it was embellished with the mysterious image you are now seeing before you. The words “GURGLE ANTIQUITY ANASTASIA” were inscribed on the back.

I know that I must have drawn this, as it is executed in my own hand, but I cannot remember doing it. If anyone has any interpretations please let them be known.

The Rat was given an honorable burial.


vanessa said...

perhaps an old feeling or problem or person that you once felt was making you drowned, but then you rose up and made a stand about whatever the situation was.
If you look up the word ANASTASIA it's not just a name for a female, when you break it down it mean's to rise up and make a stand. And being that you drew a bird... well, what can rise higher then a bird? So you finally felt that you weren't sinking anymore, you got control and rose above your situation.
And the rat dying there symbolized the death of whatever the problem was but also gave truth to NOTHING REALLY DIES because there is was again "GURGLE ANTIQUITY ANASTASIA".

Anonymous said...

Brazen Monster*