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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Desert Island

Big news!!! “the Moth or the Flame” is printed and I am having a book release party on Sunday May 11th! The party will be graciously hosted by Desert Island, the hottest new comic book store in Brooklyn (in North America really), which is located at 540 Metropolitan Ave. Visit their website here: The event will be from 6pm to 9pm and there will be beer, vittles, and great company. The book is hardback, will cost a measly fifteen simoleons, and I will sign any copies one wishes to be signed. Tell your friends and bring everyone along.

The proprietor of Desert Island, Gabriel, and I screen printed posters for the event this weekend. This is what it looks like:

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Jordan Awan said...


Anonymous said...

I found your event in L magazine, and am a comic fan, so was looking up more info on you, and came across.. Arran Stephens, who wrote 'The Moth and the Flame'??
Pretty strange.. Anyway, congrats!

Joshua Ray Stephens said...

Wow! Well, my book is “the Moth or the Flame” and apparently Mr. Arran’s is “Moth and The Flame.” That is unexpected. I hope to see you at the party Tamar.