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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Awkward silence and still life with orange

I did my first illustration for a fiction piece in the New Yorker this week. It accompanies a story by Tessa Hadley. The piece will appear in the 07Feb11 edition.

Check it out.


Piktor Turic Oolong said...

thumbs up!

looks good

Anonymous said...

Will this be available for purchase? Really, really liked it.

Joshua Ray Stephens said...

Well the original is in black and white. If you are really interested I could re-work it or produce a limited edition archival print.

Anonymous said...

Hello Joshua -
I was the one who asked about purchasing a copy of "Awkward ...".
Thank you for your reply. I was hoping you had prints for sell. I'm guessing what you are suggesting would be more costly than what I was thinking. If you are willing to discuss prices in more detail, my address is MuserapperATaolDOTcom (secret code to hold back the evil address bots).

Joshua Ray Stephens said...

Oh, no problem. A print actually makes it easier for me. I could do that. Or the easiest way would be to just get a copy of the New Yorker. A high quality offset print right there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joshua -

Thanks for your time. I think I'll go with your New Yorker suggestion. Again, nice piece of work.