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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dystopian Sci-fi

I had been thinking a lot about dystopian science-fiction at the time. I wasn’t actually reading any. Nor had I read any before. But I had read a bit about it. Or at least I knew people who had. At any rate I was thinking a lot about it. Will the future really be dominated by machines hell bent on the destruction of humanity? Will that be any worse than what we are already doing to ourselves? Are electrically powered human minds really different than a machine mind? Can a machine’s mind be referred to as a mind in truth? Can a machine think? Can humans think for that matter?

And then Pircoset appeared to me. He claimed to be a divine manifestation of the chemical realms. He said dystopian literature got it all wrong. No. The literature didn’t get it wrong. Men got it wrong. He said the future dystopian science-fiction predicted was not the future. It was the present. He said machines already dominated man. He said the present is machine. The future will be chemical.

When I pressed him he evaded. He said figure it out for yourself.

He had not read any dystopian science-fiction either. But he said the divine has no use for sci-fi. The divine has no use for use for that matter.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday City Classifieds

Name: Micky Wolfe
Age: Indeterminate
Occupation: Being divine
Likes: Abysses, gristle, duck fat, intense heat, passionate kissers, Beethoven, dancing, bubble baths and long walks on the beach
Dislikes: Shallows, grains, artichokes, feebleness, typography, blandness, wallflowers, disco music and cotton candy
Who I would like to meet: Girls who appreciate hairy men, outgoing “juicy” types, animal lovers (I own a dog), carnivores, Christians, athletes and “natural” women