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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I was watching the Bulldogs on my DVR at 5am Sunday when a horn started honking incessantly. This is Red Hook so I ignored it for a minute or two. Then I heard a boom or maybe a pow. I looked out the window and saw smoke billowing up from across the street. I ran down stairs and called 911 as I saw this truck blazing. While on the phone I realized I should go back for my camera. I ran back upstairs and then filmed this, go to Vimeo or Youtube for the video. Larger on Vimeo. Optimized for iPhone users on Youtube.

I will of course be using this in some form for an authorial video, so for now watch it as documentary and later pretend you never saw it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the High Priest

Our High Priest.
Mediator between the high and the low,
between divinity and physis.
He leaps and dances amongst the celestial spheres.
Has he forgotten us?

Why is he here?
He inspires us.

He travels to the stars,
so that we don’t have to.
What does he see there?
What does his silence mean?
He has to protect us.
He sees things we cannot fathom.
His laughter inspires fear in us.

He is here to help.

The High Priest.
Bridge between heaven and earth,
between spirit and soul.
He laughs and plays amongst the heavenly bodies.
Have we been forsaken?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bento Box

I recently constructed this “Bento Box” of goodness for some friends of mine. I liked it so much I took some photos. It is comprised of two t-shirts, one poster, two postcards, two sets of four buttons, and one copy of “the Moth or the Flame”. I fabricated the whole thing out of cardboard, white electrical tape, and clear packing tape.

Check it out: