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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I recently finished a new book entitled Severed Limbs. It's 144 pages of fantastic fantasticized fantasy. The book is about a prophet, or a madman (depending upon your perspective), who suffers a serious injury from a divine Hemingway cat* and sets out for restitution. I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s not really about the ending. It’s about the journey. I would sincerely and profoundly appreciate if you would consider helping me transform Severed Limbs into a beautiful book.

I have set up a KICKSTARTER campaign where you can learn all the lavish details here at this extremely inelegant URL, just click it:

I know it feels like we're living through the end times these days. Everyone is confused. Everyone seems to hate everyone else. We're all pretty sure we've descended into chaos, and it's "those people's" fault. Whoever those people are for you. It can easily appear that expending efforts on frivolous things like comic books is a waste of time and energy. But I would argue that the opposite is true. There is no better time than chaotic times to throw your hat into the ring and create something, or study a creation, or support a creative endeavor. What better way to confront chaos than to generate novel ideas and principiate future possibilities? To cultivate the best in humanity?

*A Hemingway cat, if you didn’t know, is a polydactyl. It is said that Ernest Hemingway bred these extra toed guys and now pretty much all polydactyls can be traced back to him. Weird right? Also, probably not true, but he definitely had a hankering for the extra toed.