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Monday, August 31, 2009

Gay Paris

Last year I posted here about a crazy trip to Paris for the film I am working on with Elliott. Well, I was in Detroit last week working with Elliott on a short film of my own and found this caricature we had done while we were in Paris. We were outside the Centre Pompidou filming a wild chase scene and I posed, as Les Griffin, for a caricaturist. My neck was in pain after posing still for ten minutes, but it was worth it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Smoke Signal 2

Smoke Signal 2 is coming out soon. This is my contribution to the badass second issue.

I include the cropped images so that you can actually read the text if you are so inclined. But I try to keep the files relatively small so as to avoid a long lag time during loading. So you may still need to lean in close to read it. That’s okay though, computers need love too and this will give you an opportunity to get more cozy with yours.

Also this is the first appearance of the other Sunrays Brothers. Nikolas Nicodemus and Thorsten Sunrays. They are cousins to old Thursday City townies Jehosephat and Cucumber, obviously on their father’s side. You will be seeing a lot of them in the future as they are gearing up for a long odyssey of the body and spirit.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I don‘t know if anyone actually read the post “Bug eyed”, but it is not true that the Yankees engineered a draft for more home runs. Apparently they just shortened certain parts of the outfield and adjusted fence angles. Whatever they did it is definitely the case that fly balls in other stadiums are home runs in Yankee Stadium. I just bought into the idea of the breezeway because it sounds like such a Yankee thing to do. I still deep down want to believe it.

Because it sounds like such a Yankee thing to do.

Pops, I know you’re a fan, but I just can’t like those dirty Yankees.

Rolling black outs

Last week saw an as yet unexplained series of events cause rolling black outs amongst most of Thursday City. And constant blackout in particularly hard hit areas. Unfortunately we here at Thursday City News were one of the “hard hit areas,” and therefore have been unable to post updates. But we are happy to say power is back up. If the cause of the blackouts is discovered you will be the second to know.