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Friday, March 28, 2008

A poster

Here is a poster I designed to announce the coming of my former masters to visit my current masters.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Abraham’s entreaty to the gods on my behalf finally worked and this week I received a batch of advanced copies of “the Moth or the Flame.” Here is a photographic teaser. The entire shipment will arrive in mid-April and will immediately be purchasable through Paypal online, directly through me, or at a very select number of comics stores. More details to come, but for now the images will have to suffice. I hope more than 3 of you are as excited as me, because I will have a thousand of these precious little objects to disseminate.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sketchbooks and wizards

Showing off my first three hand bound sketchbooks. Bookmaking is fun, and it gives you a fleeting sense of accomplishment too. You should try it sometime on one of your lunch breaks. My friend, Uncle Big Baby Henry, tells me tin foil is the perfect material for bookmaking, but I tend to stick with good old fashioned paper.

And don't forget the paste!

Uncle Big Baby Henry is a wizard.

(photo courtesy of Darlene Earls)

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Jameson Farthing and Conway Fripple are lost deep underneath Thursday City. They have been wandering around down there for years. They have become an urban legend in Thursday City, but they merely want to return to the Boggy Swamp of Swampy Bogginess. While playing with some friends after school one day they climbed into the catacombs on a dare. That was three years ago. Since then they have managed to live on rats, mildew, and sewer gators. Every time a sewage worker, electrical engineer, or graffiti writer comes across them their cries for help are misperceived as threatening growls sending said interloper in the opposite direction as fast as can be. Can monsters be blamed that we humans have long since neglected their culture and forgotten their complex and sublime language? Is it their fault that what is melodious to them is horrifying to us? Monsters have a rich canon of poetry that has been lost to human minds because of our reactionary xenophobia. Jameson and Conway have also been lost because of it. Well, because of that and their youthful impetuosity.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Cyril De Bergeron is one heavy dude, which is why everyone calls him Mr. Gravity, but don’t let his massive weight fool you he is a suave mother... hush yo’ mouth. Stare into his Flower of Enchantment for a bit and you’ll know what I mean. He is an equal opportunity lover; his all encompassing embrace holds us all together in an ever spiraling game of unrequited love. Attempt to escape his universal pull at your own risk.