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Friday, July 23, 2010

Uprising and Contrariety

I have a solo show opening next Thursday at the Smithy gallery in Cooperstown, NY. Home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Simultaneously there will be a group show I am curating.

There will be a lot of really good work on display. If you are in the area between July 29th and August 26th check it out!

Below is the postcard for the shows and also a list of the participating artists in the group show.

Here are the artists in the show, a really great list of eclectic creators:
Jordan Awan
Andrew Coates
Alison Corrie
Arden de Brun
Elliott Earls
Morgan Elliott-Awan
Ed Fella
Ryan Hobbs
Alyssa Kosmer
Kristin Lindner
Ali Madad
L Nichols
Luke Rotzler
Benjamin Santiago
Morgan Sheasby
R Sikoryak
Kenneth Smith
Patrick Smith
Katelyn Snyder
Seth Nicholas Stephens
Benjamin Teague
Chad Verrill
Daniel Wagner

Monday, July 19, 2010

More MonstrAUXity

Here is the packaging design for the AUX CD vol 2. If you will recall I designed the posters for the AUX Festival, an experimental arts and music festival held in Athens Ga., in April.

Well the AUX people also produce a CD anthology in conjunction with the festival. The design is below.

The first you see as it is unfolded with the CD in place. The second is after the CD is lifted.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Divinity at work

The Lord(s) work in mysterious ways.

Which is no excuse to blame the Lord(s).

How can we raise ourselves up to the life of Spirit?

Not claiming to be God,
but neither excusing ourselves as “only human.”
By which we mean “I give up.”

The responsibility is, rather, to attend to Divinity.
To listen, and integrate.

The Lord(s) work in mysterious ways.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Playing house, or what we’ve been doing

This is what Brother Cucumber and I have been doing with Summer.

Playing house.

Now, the Bird has a Home Office.

And our guests have a bedroom.

A Guest Bedroom.

Of sorts.