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Monday, July 20, 2009

Sing muse

I am in the midst of reading the Iliad. These are some sketches I whipped out while reading.

We start with Athena stepping in to curb Achilles’ infamous rage at Agamemnon. And then Zeus makes a promise to Achilles’ mother, Thetis. And later Agamemnon wields his lordly scepter and addresses the Achaean hordes.

There is about to be blood shed!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bug eyed

Whoa. It’s suddenly been a month since my last post. I have had a busy one.

Mary and I went on a baseball stadium tour of the northeast with her parents and brother, here-to-aft referred to as Broster. Philly had the best beer selection by far. We estimated over 40 craft breweries, maybe more. Yankees had the best regular hot dog, but the worst stadium. What a waste. Billions of dollars to basically rebuild their old stadium, address none of the old stadium’s most egregious problems, i.e. traffic flow, and actually diminish the best aspects of the old stadium, i.e. proximity to the field. It was impressive to look at, but basically a claustrophobic indoor mall which as an after thought was equipped with a baseball field, and to top it off they engineered a draft to lift balls that should be routine outs into homeruns. Typical New York obsession with surface and stats over substance and spirit. Fenway was the most authentic by far. A great place to watch a ball game, and my home town/state Braves won, so that was doubly enjoyable. Mets was most comfortable and felt like a real park, but the Cardinals lost so that was disappointing. And Camden was like an old beat up brick warehouse, all the best and worst that implies. They played the best music though. All in all a delightful trip with a lot of good food and fun for the whole family. But with Broster around it’s hard not to have fun.

If you haven’t been by has been updated with some t-shirts and new posters. Also while on the trip I stocked several stores with copies of “the Moth or the Flame”. In Boston/Cambridge the wonderful people over at the Million Year Picnic picked up several copies. Definitely one of the best comics stores in the country. Also Comicopia grabbed a couple.

Well I have been working on lots of ideas and sketching, but the only image I am going to post is a photo I took at the Met today. Anish Kapoor shows us the way an insect with compound eyes sees. I did nothing to alter this photo. Notice the guy in the left getting his camera prepared.