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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Seasons change

Well, it seems eons have passed since my last post. Empires have risen and fallen. Generations have come and gone. Blogs are no longer hip. Oh… wait, that was already the case when I started blogging. 

There has been much to blog about since my last post, but I am finding raising a child and trying to also continue one's life to be quite the acrobatic challenge. I have a couple of big projects finished in the last few months, and several more in the works, but any time I have to sit at a computer and write about it is time I would rather be spending at the drawing board. So, it finally occurred to me to download blogger for my mobile device. There is a much higher likelihood of posting while waiting for food at a restaurant or whatever, than being in my studio right next to my beckoning drafting table. 

Anyway, here are some recent sketches. I am in the gestation phases of my next big project after my upcoming book, Severed Limbs (should be done in the next few months!). These sketches are some ideas for that.