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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Alligator milk

It appears that Thursday City has finally infiltrated the popular imagination and our alligator milk industry has been vindicated. Alligator milk farming is a big business in Thursday City. But it has long been ignored in the American media, apparently due to negative perceptions amongst the populace. Because of this ignorance alligator milk continues to mainly profit as an export, going to foreign countries like Vermont and Papua New Guinea.

Brother Cucumber, as everyone knows, is an alligator milk farmer outside of town, and today he found this image from an editorial cartoonist named Dick Locher. Compare it to the image of Brother Cucumber below from “the Magic Number,” which was published in 2007.

Dick Locher
Chicago Tribune
Nov 14, 2008

How sweet it is!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

the Gordian viper pit

While dancing through the vast and timeless Dominion of the Spirit Fred fell. We all do it.


But in the Dominion of the Spirit a misstep can send one hurtling through the time-space continuum centuries or worlds away from where one began. It is for this reason, and untold others, that most of us instinctively shun the Dominion of the Spirit.

And now it will take a master stroke to free himself. Does he have it in him? Who among us can claim the power? Can you?

Imagine the scenes of beauty he has witnessed. The towering acts of sublimity. Perhaps in his fall he witnessed the Great Alexander undo the un-undoable. Or perhaps he saw the prophet Daniel pacify a den of lions. Perhaps he stood by the side of the pharaoh as the Great Sphinx was christened thousands of years before Christ. Perhaps he witnessed worlds give birth to intelligent life and then saw that life destroy itself millennia later. Perhaps he saw Earth and Mars vie for the honor of birthing life in this galaxy and Mars won that time. If he saw these things I hope he learned from them. A swift stroke from Alexander. An inspired word from Daniel. An answer to a great riddle. A communion with the transcendent powers of becoming. I hope he learned these things. He will need them.

Because now it will take a master stroke to free himself.

Does he have it in him?

Who among us can claim the power?

Can you?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Productive pow-wow

Last week friend of Thursday City Kristin “Little Bear” Lindner left the city. She went to a strange place named Chicago, a land of sausages and sports. Apparently there are also comics lovers there. One in particular, Sarah Becan, hereafter referred to as the Princess of Power, knows Little Bear. While they were talking about and loving comics Little Bear presented a peace offering to the Princess of Power in the form of one copy of my book “the Moth or the Flame.” The Princess of Power enjoyed it so much that she promised Little Bear safe passage amongst her people and also wrote a fine review of my book on her website.

Go check it out!

Assistant TO the regional manager

Well, the Gooch often comes over to my side while I am working and stares at me for minutes on end. We finally discussed the issue and it turns out he has been asking for a promotion. So I gave him a new chair and a title. The new working situation seems to be going quite well so far. He hasn’t got his own office yet, but office morale has noticeably lifted.