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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The results are in

All in all MoCCA Fest 2009 was a success for Thursday City.

Day one started in a disheveled fashion as there were several hiccups on the museum’s part in getting it going. They had not gotten the inventory of several publisher’s to the venue in time, and there was also some trouble with their cash registers. This was quite frustrating, but not exactly unexpected. There seems to always be some kind of snag or snafu when people are involved. While the crowds grew outside the publishers who received their inventory late scrambled to get set up. Drawn and Quarterly were one of the publishers who waited and they were also only separated from us by one table, so that was exciting. I expected to get some spill over from their table. I don’t know if we did or not, but it was nice being near a lot of quality books.

I shared the table with Kristin “Li’l’ Bear” Lindner of Uncle Envelope fame, and we had a good time being comic peddling hucksters throughout the weekend.

In this first sequence of images you can see the set up taking place. Drawn and Quarterly waiting for their goods. And then the way our booth looked with no people in it.

In the second image you can see the Drawn and Quarterly crew rushing to set up after the books finally arrived while Li’l’ Bear mans our table with a smile.

Once the festival finally got under way the hall filled up pretty quickly. There was no air circulation and the place was pretty swampy, but it was quite an invigorating time to interact with fellow cartoonists, industry movers, and potential readers. Well, it was invigorating, but it was also exhausting. I found it much more difficult to get up on Sunday than it was on Saturday.

I sold a fair amount of merchandise, but probably the best aspect of the event for me was the interaction with people and the feedback I got about the book. I was surprised to hear how many people had read it or had it recommended to them. Tom, at Drawn and Quarterly, told me that he has had several people recommend it to him. I have no idea how the people are getting it up in Canada, but I’m heartened to know they are.

It was great to meet so many new people, and I just hope I can commit even a fraction of them to memory. All taken I would do it again.

The table from behind.

The people across the way.

Li’l’ Bear talking to the Chicago crew. The redhead is Neil Brideau of Sock Monster infamy. And manning the table with me is the always delightful Jordan Awan, a quite accomplished cartoonist himself.

And finally Superman himself, the inimitable Arlen Schumer.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Smoke Signal

Gabriel at Desert Island has started a free comics newspaper for the people. You know, the people that like free comics. The inaugural issue is to be ready for MoCCA Festival this coming weekend. This here below is the piece I created for said issue and some details so you can read the text.

Just in case you are wondering I am aware that a three eyed creature would rightly be called a triops, but it is Barnacle Clifford speaking in the comic and he is not as erudite as I am.

Open Studios 2009 Update

This weekend was a good warm up for the MoCCA festival coming up. A little over one hundred people showed up over the two day event. The majority were people I didn’t already know, so that’s good. Here are some images: