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Thursday, June 5, 2008

General Updates

I am hard at play on my next book entitled “Severed Limbs.” I am a couple/few dozen pages into it and it looks to be finished one day.

This weekend I am participating in Open Studios in my building. A bunch of the artists here are opening up their studios (as the name would imply) in conjunction with a big arts thingamajig that BWAC does each year. We’ll see how that goes.

Also this weekend is the MoCCA Festival, in which dozens of really good cartoonists and publishers purvey their wares. Unfortunately I was too late to procure a table for “the Moth or the Flame” this year, so hopefully next time. I am angling to make it out, but with Open Studios, Big Brown making a run for the Triple Crown at the Belmont, and various and sundry other odds and ends, who knows if I actually will? God?

I am also working on a collaboration book of poetry, philosophy, polemical dialectic, cartoons, and comics with the amazing Martijn Benders, which we plan to complete within the next two years or so. You can read some of the stuff in germinative form on Martijn’s blog Loewak, which I also contribute to. As for the drawings they will remain largely a secret until the book is complete.

The official website for the city of Thursday City is almost done (a long time coming). I will post a link when it is complete. Postmaster General Benjamin Santiago predicts an arrival date sometime next week, but we all know how reliable the Thursday City Post Office is. We will see.

And finally please don’t forget to peruse the goods at One of the new items to check out is the Lightning Lump stuffed animal I am producing on demand in collaboration with Kristin Little Bear Lindner. I have received an amazing initial response to “the Moth or the Flame,” but in order to build this snowball into an avalanche I need to actually receive some financial remuneration for my years of toiling away in obscurity. And let’s face it, you could use some mythic power in your life.

That’s all for this transmission from the city of Thursday City. I will leave you with a sneak peek of a page from the upcoming “Severed Limbs.”

Potemkin glowers from on high:

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