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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Iceland Saga pt.2: Green Glacier Stomp

Here is one of the early videos from super group Green Glacier. The group formed under mysterious and mythic circumstances, allegedly while on a road trip in Iceland. Their leaving is even said to have caused a volcanic eruption, which triggered another volcanic eruption, which shut down Europe’s air travel for over a week! So, of course, you need to know about this super group.

Here is their video Green Glacier Stomp, set to Led Zeppelin. The setting is the largest glacier in Europe the famed and dreaded Vatnajökull. There are some supplementary photos of life on the glacier below.

Of course it is green just below the ice. It is said that the green and the white are in an eternal struggle for supremacy. If one wins the world ends.

This is where we went snowmobiling. On the glacier. This may be where the super group Green Glacier formed. We are still trying to learn of their origins, ever veiled in mystery and controversy.

It may be that Thor and the Aesir battled the Frost Giants here. It just may be.

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