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Thursday, September 23, 2010

AUX Volume 2: CD Packaging

If you will recall I designed a poster and promotional material for the AUX Festival in Athens, Ga. in the Spring. Well, in conjunction with the festival the AUX people produced a CD, which I designed. On it you will find the first new track from legendary Athens band Olivia Tremor Control in ten years. You will also find a collection of strange, ethereal, ambient, dreamy, surreal, and delightful music all over, under, and inside this disc.

Each package was lovingly screen printed by David Savino. It was then folded and die-cut by Mark Callahan and the AUX crew.

The limited edition CD will be available on October 19th. You can get your pre-order on here, and also find a track list. The CD is already being hyped by Pitchfork and others so snap it up if you like stuff that is not the same old stuff.

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