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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Local art issues

A friend of mine gave me a heads up that I was referenced in this week's Creative Loafing online. 

It looks like they used a pic of me working on my mural from last year's Living Walls Conference to illustrate a post about art issues in the city. Check it out. If you live in Atlanta and care about art this article will be of particular interest to you as there is a proposal on the table to require private residences and businesses to vet planned art through the city. If it went through it would mean if you wanted to paint a mural on your house or put a sculpture in your yard you would have to clear it with your neighborhood groups, city officials and City Council first. 

From my perspective this is absurd and an infringement on our constitutional right to freedom of speech, in the name of potentially avoiding the possibility of offending someone in the future. 

We'll see what happens.  

And since you need something to look at, here is the birthday card I made for my niece this year. Gangsta Monkey in Paradise:


Hoove said...

This is totally ridiculous - especially the fact that it can inhibit art on ones personal, owned property.

I guess we better get cracking to get some art done before any of this bogus nonsense passes. Joshua, do you have an email contact? I may have a private wall or two that could be of interest to you. Would love to talk about doing something with your skill!

Hoove said...

Joshua - do you have a contact email to discuss installations and the like?

This law is totally bogus. I guess it means we should get cracking and get some art done before this can go through. Would very much like to discuss a few private walls that might be of interest. Hope we can sync up!

Joshua Ray Stephens said...

Is this a serious inquiry or some sort of typical scam? If you are for real why don't you send me your contact info? You can post it here, I have moderated comments, so nothing goes up on my blog without my approval. If you send me your contact info on comments I will get in touch and delete the comment so that it is never posted to the blog.