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Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Magic Number

In March 2006 I began a 26 page abecedarium comic book, which I envisioned as a gift for one of my typography classes at Pratt. In May 2007 I finally finished it. The title is “the Magic Number.” You can look at a preview and/or order it here (you can also just click on the title of this post):

The book follows the plight of Jehosephat Sunrays, a local type cobbler in Thursday City, and his golem Quatrain.

This was a test run in terms of using Lulu. I wanted to find out whether digital publishing was feasible. Well, it is certainly easy to do and easy for anyone to acquire, but I think the per unit cost is a bit prohibitive and the quality, while seemingly very good, could be better. All things considered this is definitely a great option for individual creators and hopefully the quality of print will continue to improve. Due to the enormous amount of detail in my drawings, though, offset is still unquestionably the way to go. As well the material quality of any object I produce is very important to me, so hopefully one day I will be able to afford high quality printing. For now Lulu seems to be a good way to get my work into the hands of others, however it is not the ideal at its present state of quality versus cost. But, of course, you should order one anyway.

This is an image of Jehosephat and his brother Cucumber in repose:

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