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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Buying Time

I have been working on a piece, for the last week or two, that has completely consumed me for the last few days. I have got to get it done. But I thought, in the meantime, I would post some older images to keep the hounds of hell at bay. What, you didn’t know that once you start a blog the hounds of hell are unleashed upon you and the only way to keep them sated is with regular blog postings?

These guys are named Cielo and Douglas. This is an example of what I might do if I were in Mexico City at a lecture about architecture solely in Spanish, which I don’t speak, with no translation, and having an hour, or so, to kill while being washed in the pleasant sounds of intellectual Espa├▒ol.

And this is Kwame and Sylvester, the characters that Jordan the Bearded Yachtsman has been screaming for.

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