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Friday, September 14, 2007

Mom, I’m in the MoMA!

I discovered this weekend that my work is in the permanent collection at the MoMA! Thanks to the Agnes Gund Purchase Fund. No, seriously. You don't believe me? Okay, so they didn’t purchase my work specifically, but they have a display in the 2nd floor Design section of every single issue of Emigre magazine. I have work in 3 issues. Ergo I am in the MoMA collection. Me and the hundreds of other contributors to the 69 issue run of Emigre over 21 years.

The first one, which was given a prominent position in the display, is issue 62. My magnanimous friend Elliott Earls gave me the honor of working very closely with him on a DVD entitled Catfish which was issued as the 62nd installment of Emigre. The other two were essays I wrote for issue 65 and issue 69 (the last one).

I know you are all so proud. Here are some images:


Unknown said...

thats the futuere when using a telea-marker please go with a john madden stile X's
and O's and wild squiggles, it not that i didnt enjoy the bright pink cursive, but i think you should use your tool propperly

kosta said...

then i guess i'm in there too son! holla! look up like 6 lines on that graphic! i'm famous!