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Thursday, September 6, 2007

the Moth or the Flame

In July I finished a story that I have been working on since Fall 2005. The title of the story is “the Moth or the Flame.” These photo images are from a set of prototypes I made in order to solicit publisher attention. I also sent in an application for the Xeric Grant ( for comic book self-publishers. Hopefully I will know something within the next few months.

Regardless of the response (or lack thereof) from publishers and foundations I am determined to get this printed. It is unquestionably the best, most complete, and most ambitious work I have ever done. And it is the first thing I have done that I feel is truly deserving of an actual audience larger than friends and family members. That is not to say that none of the other work was deserving of a larger audience, just that I never felt it to be thus.


kosta said...

um, this stuff rules. you know what would be dope? some kind of super grass roots thursday city subscription service... there's a guy in italy who runs this teeny tiny record label called solid sex lovie doll who does super small runs of these 45's (like 350 copies or so...) and he emails everyone who's ever bought one from him when the new batch comes out and sells them out instantly... would be cool to do that with your books. only with subscriptions, and capped print runs (maybe allowing for reprinted editions with diff color covers or something.) not to tell a brother his business. ha. one love joshee ray!

Anonymous said...

Amazing work poo.